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This app. hasnt worked for the past month. When it does the jokes are not funny.


Some of the jokes in this app were hillarious! But some of them were pretty crappy

Jokes are lame

Ok when I pay .99 for something I am not expecting the best thing ever but really? The jokes are way too long and NOT funny. App would be ok if free but I would not pay if I could go back in time and do it again.

Hate to

But 1 star. Only 1 joke a day? Could of used google for free

Thought updates were suppose to help.

I really enjoyed the app until an update came out. program has not worked since. I have tried re-installing and turning the phone off. Nothing has worked so far. Beware if you purchase.

Doesnt work

This app doesnt work. I get "(null)". Can I get my money back?

Total P.O.S.

Was ok when I first got it. Then it was down for awhile. Now that its back the jokes repeat every couple days and they are the cheesy old jokes that I was telling back in third grade. Blah.


repeats the same jokes over and over, save your money.


These are the most ridiculous jokes I have ever read in my life. Dont buy this app unless your in 1st grade or something

Fix it or Remove it from the app store

This app is 110% garbage, unless u like the pop up to read (null) or check back later, then when you do check back later it still doesnt work, dont buy this unless ur last name is Gates, first name Bill, or you just REALLY like wasting money

I bought one of your apps Weier!

This is my favorite one of your apps, although I am still trying to come up with some ideas for some new ones! Good job Weier!

Dont buy

Do not buy this app the jokes only say (null) now!!!

Would be 4 but

Used to have pretty funny jokes but now it just says (null) where the joke should be.


Amazing works perfect funny jokes It could us some touch ups but overall amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"null", click on it & the jokes will come up!!!


It has no daily joke, only random jokes and there is only about 25 so there is no point in buying

Really is a joke!

I hate this app! All the jokes are horrible! Do not buy this app! If I could give it 0*s I would! Total waste of money! Buy a real app! Not this!

Should not have added a previous button.

I used the previous button and found the exact dates it repeated itself.

Not what I expected

Stale old jokes, most not suitable for kids (my kids play with my iphone alot). Overall,not what I expected. I uninstalled the same day.


Bad jokes- repeats itself- costs money Do not i repeat NEVER get this app It is a -5 stars at the HIGHEST

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